Auntie Lolita’s Omelette

When I was young my mother used to make “Auntie Lolita’s Omelette” which is, of course, good old Spanish omelette. Lolita was my mother’s friend and as such friends-of-parents do, she gained the “auntie” prefix despite being no relation to us.

Now I can’t remember whether I actually liked the dish or not; as a child I was a finicky eater and typically existed on baked beans and fish fingers so probably not! 🙂

As my years have advanced my palette has developed and I now regularly eat food my younger self would have run screaming from (or at pushed it around my plate until my parents gave up trying!). I’ve also become fond of – and I would like to think quite good at – cooking. For my birthday last year my mother bought me a cast iron skillet, which was something I’d been hankering after for a while, and I became a convert to cooking with cast iron. Although I cook almost every day in the cast iron pot my parents bought gave to my wife and I at Christmas, the skillet typically gets used for pancakes, bacon, sausages and the odd omlette.

For some reason the spanish omlette popped into my head this morning, and so I decided to make one for lunch. I got out the peppers and onions out of the freezer (whenever I’m making a larger dish I keep some back and freeze them for use in smaller dishes), chopped up a bunch of chorizo (we use a lot of this in our household), cubed and boiled some potatoes and got started. Everything goes into the skillet with a little bit of oil and while they are browning/crisping I beat six whole eggs and generously seasoned with salt and pepper. Once I was happy with the contents of the skillet, I poured in the eggs, gave it a stir to even out the contents and put the whole skillet in the oven for 15 minutes.

Despite my (older) kids being well used to all the ingredients used, I still expected them to reject the “new” dish. I was wrong; they wolfed it down and I had to hide the remainder for my wife to try when she gets home. 🙂 


A lovely, simple, filling dish that I suspect will become a regular request.