Patuoxun Bluetooth Headphones.

My son has started blogging, and I pleased to say he chose (no pressure there, honest!)

Tristan Murphy

Let’s start with some audio.

I recently bought some Bluetooth headphones as I have been wanting to buy some for a while, and the headphone jack on my phone was shot to hell.

After searching for some time, I found these under most popular. I wasn’t disappointed.


They have a very sleek design, simple controls and the ability to use a standard audio cable to turn them into wired headphones. They have 11 hours of constant (moderately volumed) music, and 354 hours of standby time. There are small indicator LEDs, which are quite bright in a dark room, but not many other bad points. The audio quality is crisp and clear, and rarely stutters.

The charge time is also not bad, being only 2 hours. And by far the best point,They only cost £14!

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