Desperately seeking caffeine

I’m a Monster addict. I typically have one can a day, and often two (occasionally more!). When I travelled to Portland, OR with my wife I was in heaven to discover the 24oz Mega Monster cans.

I know it’s not good for me, and over the last year I’ve been trying hard to wean myself off them – without much success. With four kids, a full time (fantastic) job, two school governorships, and – you know – life I feel like I need a little extra.

As a Brit I also like my tea; when I’m off Monster my tea consumption goes up and vice versa. However I don’t get the same kick from tea (unless I load it up with sugar, which defeats the health benefits); that oft-quoted fact about tea containing more caffeine is before the tea is brewed.

Since I’m a professional coder I feel like I’m letting the side down by not drinking coffee. I’ve tried – repeatedly – but I’ve never really enjoyed coffee. The smell, the taste. I’ve been told this is because I’m drinking the wrong stuff (instant == bad), but on the few occasions I’m somewhere that does decent coffee (or, you know, Starbucks) I typically go for my preferred Chai Tea Latte. It’s a hard habit to break. 🙂

Every so often I’ll have another try at coffee; buying a different brand and/or loading it up with sugar & milk, but it never really works and back to the Monster/tea I go.

Last night while picking up a bit of shopping I spotted some Nescafe Azera Latte instant sachets on offer and – having seen one of my coffee drinking friends like the brand – I picked some up on a whim. We’ll see how this attempt goes…

BTW, the awesome handle-less cup in the photo was purchased on another trip with my wife to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Embracing the competition

I’m a sporadic podcast listener, and since I switched back to an iPhone I’ve been worse than usual. Today I remembered about the Overcast app from Marco Arment, so I duly installed it and started playing with it.

This section from the settings screen really resonated with me:



The simple fact that he acknowledges and even encourages you to try out the competition speaks volumes. Well done.

From Novice to Master, and Back Again

Just like that awkward moment when you realise you’re WTF-ing your own code… 🙂

D-Mac's Stuff

In 1985, I was a freshman at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. The college had a VAX 11/780 running 4.2BSD and a PDP-11/70 running v7 with some Berkeley and local code hacked in. It was my first experience with multi-user systems other than dialing into an MS-DOS BBS or two.

The college’s Academic Computing Center had printouts of the 4.2BSD manuals, plus some home-grown documentation, available for sale so students could learn how to use UNIX. One week I sat in the Science Center terminal room and started going through the alphabetical list of the commands available on the VAX, trying each one and reading its man page to learn what it did.

Eventually I got to “su”. “Become the super-user”? What’s that? Does it involve wearing a cape? Sounds interesting, so I tried it. To my disappointment, it just asked for a password, and wouldn’t do anything.

Shortly thereafter…

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