Chrome Remote Desktop

It is no secret I’m a fan of Google Chrome – including Chrome OS – and for quite a while now I’ve been using Chrome Remote Desktop to remote control my one remaining Windows running computer – my sons gaming rig – and it has worked brilliantly from both my Chromebook and my Linux-running laptop.

Google have now released Chrome Remote Desktop for Android which gives the same functionality from your phone or tablet. Great for when I need to adjust TimesUpKidz on the go… 🙂

Chrome Remote Dekstop


As a Pythonista I’m well aware of how you can make great documentation with Sphinx. For me though reStructuredText (that Sphinx uses) comes a poor second to Markdown1.

Although their focus is on creating books, GitBook looks like an interesting way to generate Sphinx-style documentation using Markdown. Now all we need is a Read The Docs type service for GitBook formatted docs (or Read The Docs themselves to support GitBook).

  1. In the interests of practising what I preach, I have written this post in Markdown using Jetpack