Tempus fugit

Nine years, one month.

That’s how long I’ve had one server running with Linode. It has been through a number of versions of Ubuntu, and been re-installed at least twice (once to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit). It has operated as a LugRadio mirror; hosted many websites, both static and dynamic; hosted my blog for many years; operated as a Jenkins server; and done more general duties as an IRC bouncer, and general dogsbody.

Why the sentimentality? I’m shutting the server down today. Not that anyone will notice of course (unless you’re paying close attention to IP addresses or SSH host keys) since it has already been replaced with a DigitalOcean droplet (still running Ubuntu of course).

Linode have done absolutely nothing wrong – in fact just the opposite. I have been regularly rewarded with extra storage/memory/bandwidth, and they have always been responsive to my few needs. So much so that I am still remaining a customer. (So far) I am only moving one server to DigitalOcean.

So why the change? A few reasons: that server now does very little besides running my IRC bouncer; I wanted to try DigitalOcean out (I have heard a lot of good things); finally, perhaps most importantly considering the first reason – the droplet is half the price of the linode. In fact if I had gone for the $5 per month droplet instead of the $10 one, I could have had four servers for the price of one!